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Epic: Spot & Forecast
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What is Epic?

Epic is an iOS app that provides wave, wind, tide and weather forecast and alerts for surfing. It was carefully designed to provide access to the most important forecast information with the minimum user interaction. See at a glance the most critical today's conditions right from the Spot view and optionally get deeper into the details with a detailed Forecast for the upcoming days. Built with love, by surfers, to surfers.

Epic: Spot

Spot View

Quickly check today’s conditions at a glance:

  • How is the swell evolving through the day?
  • How is the wind (direction and speed)?
  • How is the weather?
  • How is the current tide, and what time is the next one?


The forecast view allows checking all the surfing relevant conditions - swell, wind, tide and weather - providing:

  • 7-day detailed forecasts
  • Beautifully designed layout
  • Sticky chart placing analysis in context
  • Convenient colour scales
Epic: Forecast
Epic: Add Spot

Spot Search

Epic features a selection of well-known worldwide spots. Add spots by:

  • Searching by spot name or any other location
  • Browsing the map
  • Tapping anywhere on the map


Define spot alerts and be notified when the surf conditions are epic!

  • Choose when you want to be notified
  • Define unlimited alerts
  • Pick the best spot conditions
  • Set & forget: Epic will alert you!
Epic: Alerts
Epic: Widget & Shortcuts


The Epic widget allows to quickly check for today's conditions of your favourite spot from anywhere on your phone.


Take advantage of new iPhone's pressure-sensitive 3D Touchscreen:

  • Quickly check for today's conditions of your favourite spot
  • Open Epic right on your spot’s page



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